Anchor Tree Development, LLC


Anchor Tree Development, LLC (“Anchor Tree” or “ATD”) develops and invests in multifamily and commercial real estate projects. The projects can be either rehab or new construction, and are usually with a slant towards energy efficiency and transit-oriented design. ATD also provides real estate consulting services for select clients.


The goal of Anchor Tree is to create authentic, high quality projects that result in a positive experience for the project stakeholders and have a lasting effect on the community. We accomplish this by using a detail-oriented approach to solving each real estate challenge and a well-deserved reputation for organization and communication.


Why the name Anchor Tree?


Real estate development, like most worthwhile projects in life, involves numerous tasks and skills. It has been said that the real estate development process is the coordination and active management of several important and sizable sub-projects. The tasks and skills involved vary in complexity, breadth and duration. They cater to different audiences during the project life cycle. And oftentimes, the most crucial tasks and skills are not trumpeted in marketing material and usually go unnoticed. Yet, they serve as the foundation for the outward success and recognition of the overall project.


At Anchor Tree, the visual parallel for a successful real estate project is a growing, deep-rooted tree. The canopy and trunk – those healthy and vibrant areas visible by everyone – are a function of the root system of the tree. The roots are the anchor for all of the success above-ground.


In the ATD context, the roots represent our methods of organization, our internal systems and processes, and our ways of communication. The trunk represents people, community and project partners. And the canopy represents the visual end product: the physical structure of a home or workplace that’s been created.


And, of course, the metaphor can be extended, as a deep-rooted tree and a successful real estate project both have effects that extend well beyond their physical presence.



President, Bobby Thapar


Bobby Thapar, Founder of Anchor Tree Development, LLC

Originally from the foothills of North Carolina, Bobby Thapar has been developing real estate since 2005 in the multifamily, commercial and student housing asset classes. He has successfully led the redevelopment of over 400 units of affordable housing, each part of financially complex projects (LIHTC, HUD) that often involved temporary tenant relocation.


Recognized as a ULI Young Leader in 2010 by the Urban Land Institute – Chicago, Bobby has also worked in the market rate space to develop both housing and commercial (office) projects. He prides himself on being able to communicate to a wide variety of audiences on both technical and non-technical issues. Several of his projects have received national and regional recognition. (See Portfolio for details.)


Bobby likes to tinker around with home improvement projects and stays physically fit by playing basketball and soccer on a weekly basis. He also has co-led multiple Habitat for Humanity International service trips to destinations that include Guatemala, Thailand and the Dominican Republic.


Bobby received his MBA from UNC’s Kenan-Flagler School of Business (Real Estate concentration) and has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Duke University.